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Their stories

Over the course of making the film we interviewed a total of 22 people. This included a mixture of industry leading mental health professionals, those personally carrying the weight of losing a loved one to suicide, those who have themselves experienced suicidal thoughts and in the example of Daphne, those left to care for a loved one whose suicide attempt was unsuccessful.

We filmed over 30 hours of interviews and for obvious reasons cannot feature their full, powerful, poignant interviews in the film, however we felt compelled to share some of their full interviews here, so their stories can be heard in their entirety. Click on the play buttons below to hear all their stories.

TW: The following audio contains descriptions of suicide which some listeners may find distressing. Listener discretion is advised.


Daphne & Michael


Julia & Andrew


Luke & Leah


Mandy & Kerry

Kabi & Thuva


David & John


Jo & Jared


John & Alex


Tamsin &Rowan

Interview audio mixed for the website by Jon Coles & Kris McDonough